Maria Gatzaros

With Nearly 40 years of Development and Management experience, Maria Gatzaros and her late husband Ted, were pioneers in Downtown Detroit development.  From the Greektown Casino to Trappers Alley, Atheneum Suites Hotel and numerous office buildings and restaurants, Maria has been the back bone in 400 Monroe Associates since 1976.  Starting off as a real estate broker in 1972, Maria has used her hard work ethic and savvy business mentality to manage and maintain numerous successful business while presiding over 400 employees.  In 2013 Maria was honored to receive the WBENC Certification for all of her businesses.

Nico Gatzaros

For the last 12 years has been involved in many aspects of the business and was the driving force in the designing, building and opening up the London Chop House and Wah-Hoo Chinese restaurants.  Also was instrumental in opening up the highly successful patio at Fishbones SCS and implemented Sushi in the Detroit and SCS operations.  Focus is marketing and promotion of all food and beverage operations.
•    Graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1996
•    Graduated from Northwood University with a degree in Business Management in 2003
•    Also a principal in America’s Green Line a business involved in the sale of state of the art LED lights.

Ellena Gatzaros

As a member of the Michigan State Bar Association since 2002, Ellena has been legal council for 400 Monroe Associates.  Assisting in real estate contracts, leases and business development. Growing up in the restaurant business, Ellena has developed her mother Maria’s instincts, prowess and hard work.  Ellena also leads the company in dealing with private and corporate events.  From the London Chop House and LCH Cigar Lounge and the 500 person event space FLAT 151 to the 1000 person International Banquet Center at the Atheneum Suites Hotel, Ellena oversees management, coordination, staffing and planning for all of the 400 Monroe Associate and 400 Monroe Limited Partner entities.

Christos Moisides

Christos Moisides is an executive member in the Family owned Detroit development and management company, 400 Monroe Associates, since 2007. Christos oversees their entire real estate holdings and management of nearly 2 million square feet of commercial, hospitality and industrial property. Christos specializes in real estate and governmental affairs as well as union negotiations for business and development deals. With a family company that has been real estate developers in Detroit for over 40 years, Christos utilizes his relationship in the private and public sector to assist all their projects with local, state and federal incentives to assist in new construction as well as redevelopment of historic buildings and obsolete industrial warehouses. Christos is a graduate from Emerson College in Boston, MA in 1996. Christos is also a Wayne County Sheriff Reservist, Mayoral Appointee to the Detroit Entertainment Commission and Master Mason in Detroit Lodge #2.

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